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  • Deena Soliman Braun

15 important considerations before filing for divorce in Florida,

  1. Understand Florida Divorce Laws: Consult with a divorce lawyer to understand the legal requirements and implications of divorce in Florida.

  2. Legal Options Explained: Get advice from divorce lawyers near you offering free consultations to explore your legal options, such as contested or uncontested divorce.

  3. Child Custody Concerns: Discuss child custody matters with a child custody lawyer who can help you understand parental rights, responsibilities, and potential custody arrangements.

  4. Legal Representation: Hire a divorce lawyer who will represent your interests and guide you through the divorce process, ensuring your rights are protected.

  5. Mediation Possibilities: Explore the possibility of mediation with a divorce lawyer to resolve disputes amicably, potentially saving time and money.

  6. Financial Implications: Discuss the financial implications of divorce with your lawyer, including asset division, alimony, and child support.

  7. Reviewing Prenuptial Agreements: If you have a prenuptial agreement, review it with your divorce lawyer to understand its impact on property division and support.

  8. Documentation Gathering: Work with your divorce lawyer to gather necessary documents, such as financial records and evidence of assets, to support your case.

  9. Temporary Orders: Discuss with your lawyer the option of obtaining temporary orders for child custody, support, and alimony during the divorce process.

  10. Protective Measures: If necessary, take protective measures with the help of your divorce lawyer to ensure your safety and that of your children during and after divorce proceedings.

  11. Parenting Plans: Develop a comprehensive parenting plan with the assistance of a child custody lawyer, addressing custody schedules and parental responsibilities.

  12. Emotional Support Resources: Seek emotional support from counseling services or support groups, while your divorce lawyer handles the legal aspects of your case.

  13. Costs and Fees Clarified: Understand the costs and fees associated with divorce, including attorney fees, court costs, and potential expenses for experts or evaluations, with input from your lawyer.

  14. Post-Divorce Planning: Plan for your post-divorce life, including housing, finances, and childcare arrangements, with the guidance of your divorce lawyer.

  15. Long-Term Goals Alignment: Keep your long-term goals in mind and make decisions that align with them, with the support and advocacy of your divorce lawyer.

Before proceeding with divorce, schedule a consultation with divorce lawyers near you offering free consultations to discuss your case and get personalized advice tailored to your circumstances.


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