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Palm Harbour, Divorce Attorneys

Family Law Lawyers in Palm Harbour, Florida Since 2017

If you are looking for a top notch Palm Harbour divorce attorney or need a Palm Harbour family attorney to help in other family law matters, then look no further.  Our legal staff and attorneys are dedicated to providing simply the best representation for our clients. We work in a professional yet friendly environment and as a team.  It is important to us that we are responsive to our clients and work with each of them to achieve the best result possible.  Furthermore, we encourage our clients to inform us if they have questions so we can keep them advised of their situation.  Legal matters can be perplexing and frustrating to those who do not have experience with the procedures involved.

Our preference is to resolve the case amicably, if this is at all possible, and to the benefit of our clients.  Sometimes it is the easier and less expensive route; however, it may not always be the best route.  It may be necessary to litigate some issues of the case in a final hearing before the court, while resolving other issues in an agreement.  It depends on the projected outcome of the results if a judge decides.  Each case needs to be reviewed individually to determine what is the best way to go under the circumstances.  However, if litigation is necessary our attorneys and legal staff have extensive positive and successful trial experience and we always represent our clients zealously.

The following links are the areas of law in which we practice:
Child Support 
Child Custody 
Parenting Plans 

Do You Need a Palm Harbour Divorce or Family law attorney?

Call, or text us at 813-784-1721 or send us an email at or simply click here to schedule a free consultation to speak with a skilled, experienced divorce and family law attorney, as well as our long-standing legal staff.  We have helped thousands of people since 2017 to resolve their cases in their best interests.  We will respond to your call or email at our earliest opportunity, and we really appreciate your interest in our services at The Soliman Law Firm We look forward to speaking with you and advising you of your options. 

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